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Ethical Research Now: Demand Action Against Cruel Fetal Organ Harvesting

by Veronica Eckart

A new player in the movement for preborn rights has taken root, and we are tackling abortion from a new angle. The Society for Ethical Research (SERNOW), a grassroots organization based on direct action and activism, is taking San Francisco by storm.

We are dedicated specifically to ending the horrifying born-alive abortion harvesting at the University of California San Francisco and beyond. SERNOW is a youth-based organization with a majority of members between the ages of 17 and 22. Our members come from various religious, political, and cultural backgrounds but are united in the fight against UCSF’s unethical fetal tissue harvesting. We are working to raise public awareness of the financial motivations to this human experimentation along with Rehumanize International, the Center for Medical Progress, Live Action, Pro-Life San Francisco, Survivors, and other pro-life groups.

UCSF’s desire for scientific knowledge eclipsed their consciences when their Ryan Residency became the late-term abortion training capital of the world. For decades, UCSF has been involved in fetal tissue research. Several high-visibility experiments, with study protocols exploiting the bodies of aborted fetuses at a range of gestational ages and hundreds of animal test subjects, have been published online.

The Division of Experimental Medicine is known to have received fetal organs from UCSF’s own abortion centers as well as California-based Advanced Bioscience Resources — Planned Parenthood’s partner and the #1 baby body parts distributor in America.

According to their own online lectures, UCSF trains and performs abortions on viable babies for fetal tissue research both through D&E procedures, where the fetus is dismembered alive and removed in parts, or a medical induction, where the cervix is softened and labor is induced. According to The Society of Family Planning, up to 50% of labor induction abortions without digoxin can result in Born-Alive Infants. The Centers for Disease Control and the Congressional Research Service both verify the reality of abortion survivors. Abortionists have historically failed to provide life-saving care for infants born alive during abortions.

Consequently, the Society for Ethical Research is using direct action to pressure legislators and the University of California San Francisco to stop born-alive fetal organ harvesting and use ethical research alternatives.

The urgency of the situation is clear: the public must take action.

The Society for Ethical Research is asking for your participation to help us end born-alive fetal harvesting at UCSF. More information can be found on the Society for Ethical Research’s website,


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