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Aimee Murphy, Founder and Interim Executive Director

Aimee founded Rehumanize International (then known as Life Matters Journal) in 2011. After a personal conversion to the cause against abortion as a teen, she embraced the Consistent Life Ethic. Through her work with Rehumanize International, Aimee is reaching people all over the globe with the consistent message of human rights and is creating and engaging in effective dialogue to change hearts and minds. Aimee Murphy was the recipient of the Susan B. Anthony List Young Leader Award in 2014 for her trailblazing pro-life leadership. Her work with Rehumanize has been featured in such media outlets as The Atlantic, The New York Times, VICE News, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Slate, MSNBC, and many more. After 10 years of leading the organization through many changes and expansions, Aimee stepped down from her role as Executive Director in 2020 and now serves as the Director of Special Projects. Aimee published her first solo book, Rehumanize: A Vision to Secure Human Rights for All through New City Press in 2022. She lives in Pittsburgh with her profoundly supportive husband, their dog, and (in the spirit of radical hospitality) whichever friends wander into the Murphy household. 


Maria Oswalt, Creative Director

Maria is a dedicated activist and artist from north Alabama. She's an alumna of The University of Alabama, where she oversaw the creative direction of four student magazines while interning for Rehumanize International. In addition to this, she participated in the Students for Life Wilberforce fellowship and led her university's pro-life student group, Bama Students for Life, before graduating in 2017. She was hired on to the Rehumanize International team in September 2018. She runs Rehumanize's social media pages, designs most materials, edits the Rehumanize Podcast, and serves as editor-in-chief of the Rehumanize Blog.

Herb Geraghty, Executive Director (On Leave)

Herb first joined the Rehumanize team back in 2016 as a summer intern while studying rhetoric and politics at the University of Pittsburgh and has been working in some capacity for the organization since then. When our founder stepped down in 2020, the Board of Directors chose Herb to fill the role of Executive Director. Throughout the years, Herb’s unique position as a politically independent pro-life atheist has broken down barriers to reach demographics often untapped by the mainstream pro-life movement. Similarly, Herb’s common ground on the abortion issue with many folks on the political right has enabled productive outreach on the issues of war, torture, and the death penalty. Herb is a passionate and engaging advocate for the Consistent Life Ethic who has a passion for building bridges and finding common ground with people across the political spectrum to call everyone to a greater consistency in the fight for human rights. If you would like to book a speaking engagement please visit for more information.




Beth Fox, MPH, Board President

Tiny in stature, big in ambition, Beth Fox’s life is a story worth sharing. Before she even had a name, Beth became a prime target for abortion. Her mother’s pregnancy was risky and doctors advised an abortion to preserve her life. Beth’s poor prenatal prognosis led doctors to conclude her quality of life would be so poor that having an abortion would be the “merciful” choice. Though living a life with chronic illness and disability is challenging, Beth is here to share why life is worth living and striving for. Today, Beth cannot see, walk, or breathe on her own; it is through these physical struggles, past doubts of self-value, and the diagnosis of multiple rare, life-limiting disorders that Beth has developed an active voice aimed at making positive changes. Despite her challenges, Beth lives independently in central Virginia, where she has received Master’s degrees in public health and developmental psychology, works as a tutor, vlogger, and public speaker, and aspires to become a professor and lovingly foster terminally ill children.

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