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Create | Encounter exists to illustrate the inherent dignity of each human being by sharing creative narratives through poetry, prose, and visual art. 

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Segment of "A Catholic Tribute to Clyde Ross" by Michael Jezewak

We engage the grassroots community through an open call for submissions, promote education on issues of human dignity through an annual compilation of creative works, and stimulate discourse on these issues through a corresponding release event.

The Cycle Won’t Stop (2).jpg

"The Cycle Won't Stop"

by Anastasia Camarca

The winners of Create | Encounter are published in an annual special edition of our magazine, Life Matters Journal. View the submission guidelines, past winners, and magazine PDFs below.

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"Three Weeks Old" by Stephanie Midori Komashin


Submission Guidelines

Though the submission window for our 2022 Create | Encounter contest has closed, you can still get a head start for 2023. Download the submission guidelines and start creating today:

Read and order the 2021 edition: