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Thank you to everyone who joined us virtually at the 2023 Rehumanize Conference!

The Rehumanize Conference is an annual event dedicated to education, discourse, and action on a range of issues related to human rights. People from all walks of life attend to hear from trailblazing activists, academics, and educators with a particular emphasis on the voices of those who have experienced dehumanization and violence first-hand. With plenty of opportunities for engagement with speakers and other conference attendees, this event is sure to challenge your apathy, increase your knowledge, and expand your horizons. Along with these paradigm-shifting ideas, you will also be given practical guidance on how to go out and challenge the systems and institutions that perpetuate oppression and build a culture of peace and life in your own communities.

Over the past two years, we have decided to host our conference online for the safety attendees, speakers, sponsors, and team members. While it was initially difficult to think we wouldn’t all be together physically, the virtual conference format has allowed us to extend our reach further than we could have imagined. We had a diverse group of world-changers attending virtually from all over the world engaging with some of the most important issues of our day. This year, we will be online again and you will have the ability to join in and participate both via chat and even on camera throughout the day if you choose. We hope you can join us!

A note about the Hopin platform

In order to use Hopin, it is necessary that attendees have a device that allows you access to the Internet, and an email address. In order for certain functionalities and features to work properly, a camera or microphone and a headset or loudspeaker must be on and not used by another application. 

Rehumanize International staff members have found that accessing Hopin through laptop or desktop computers is more reliable than using a mobile device. Hopin allows users to test their video and audio before joining calls, so we recommend that once attendees purchase their tickets, attendees also create Hopin accounts to test their video and audio before the start of the event.

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Event Schedule
November 11, 2023 • Virtual via RingCentral/Hopin


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