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2018, Self Published

A Consistent Life: The Young Advocate's Guide to Living Peace and Justice Daily

A holistic guide which offers activists, young and old, practical ways to support the marginalized and rehumanize the dehumanized. Readers will participate actively in education, discourse, and action to uphold the inherent dignity of all human beings.

Support for A Consistent Life:

"A Consistent Life is a wonderful day-to-day guide in living a life complete with the understanding of what it is like to be in another's shoes..."

–Kirk Bloodsworth, First death row prisoner exonerated by DNA


"Coltharp and Murphy have created a guidebook to educate, inspire, and guide us all towards building a world that respects the humanity and restores the dignity of the most disenfranchised, marginalized members of our global and local communities. It is an invaluable tool we can all use to effect change now while building toward deep, sustainable transformation."

–Catherine Glenn Foster, President/CEO of Americans United for Life

"If the world's many injustices paralyze you into doing nothing, because where would you even begin? — begin with this book."

–Kelsey Hazzard, President and Founder of Secular Pro-Life

"All of us committed to defending human life struggle with the challenge of what we can usefully do to counter the many types of violence in our world. This book meets this need by identifying an array of specific steps we can take to turn our convictions into action. A clear and engaging guide penned by and especially geared toward young people, A Consistent Life is a valuable resource for anyone seeking to respect and defend human life and dignity."

–John Whitehead, Former President of Consistent Life Network


2022, New City Press

Rehumanize: A Vision to Secure Human Rights for All

Who deserves human rights? The answer to this question is the crux of all moral and political action in society and defines our character as individuals and as nations.


Aimee Murphy seeks to answer this vital question in this accessible and succinct handbook on the Consistent Life Ethic, a moral philosophy whose central principle is that each and every human being has inherent dignity from the womb to the tomb, and therefore deserves to live free from violence. Rehumanize: A Vision to Secure Human Rights for All includes a digestible yet systematic analysis of the ethics, history, and public policy surrounding modern issues of dehumanization, and casts a rehumanizing vision of a world beyond violence.


Beyond the confines of political parties or religious exclusion, the founder of Rehumanize International communicates an aspiration to an inclusive ideal of a consistent movement of every human standing for every human. Scholars, leaders, grassroots activists—anyone concerned for the common good—will find this resource an indispensable cornerstone for their outreach and advocacy for decades to come.

Support for Rehumanize:

“An extraordinary manuscript… Well done indeed! Aimee Murphy has managed to compile a powerful, in-depth and scholarly work with extensive research beyond anything I have ever read on the issues. Clearly, it is not an easy read (how could it be otherwise?) and while I am not a scholar, I care very deeply about the core tenets at issue and I have spent a good deal of my adult life publicly advocating and defending them. I wish the success of this remarkable work!”

–Martin Sheen, Emmy- and Golden Globe-winning actor known for roles in productions such as The West Wing, Apocalypse Now, The Departed, Grace & Frankie, and The Way

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