In order to truly transform our world we must first transform our communities

Image by Maria Oswalt

The modern world is plagued both by violence and a sense of apathy about or acceptance of that violence. As activists and organizers it is critical that we unsettle this status quo. We must agitate the systems and institutions of injustice and confront those who uphold and defend them. Fundamentally, this work is that of “changing hearts and minds.” The most effective way to do this is regular, in person contact with both those who agree and disagree on these vital issues. In other words, if the problem is violence and dehumanization: the answer is connection, community, and rehumanization.

Our work is more than saying no to violence. It's saying yes to human connection, yes to the needs of the vulnerable, yes to life.


But that is not an abstract yes. Saying yes to the value of each individual human being fills the dehumanizing

void created by a culture of death. Being a Rehumanize chapter or affiliate group will provide you the network and resources to help build a culture of life in your region, making your ideals and commitment to ending all instances of violence against human beings concrete.

Image by Maria Oswalt

So let's begin.


A Rehumanize Allied Group is an already- existing group that chooses to sign our Rehumanize Ally pledge in order to receive allied group perks. This can be any multi- or single-issue focused group that affirms the principles of the Consistent Life Ethic.

Interested in becoming a Rehumanize International ally? Download the pledge form below, sign it, and email the signed PDF to with the subject line "REHUMANIZE ALLIED GROUP APPLICATION."

A Rehumanize Chapter is an organization specifically created to further Rehumanize International's mission on the community level. These groups will have the ability to legally incorporate in their region and function as a non-profit, which means your outreach and service can be backed financially through tax-deductible fundraising.

Think you might be interested in creating your own Rehumanize Chapter? Download the chapter starter pack below and follow the instructions contained therein.

Have questions? Email Herb Geraghty:

Rehumanize Allies

Rehumanize Chapters