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Sidewalk Outreach

Are you a pro-life sidewalk advocate in your community? Or maybe you don't know how yet but you want to get started...


We've created a primer to help get you and your pro-life community started to be effective, loving, and compassionate sidewalk advocates for life. You don't need to have any prior training, because it's all here. For free.


Rehumanize International has created this training because we saw a need for a secular resource for sidewalk advocacy. We’d like to extend our immense gratitude to Sidewalk Advocates for Life (SAFL), who lovingly created the comprehensive resource from which most of these tools and tips have been gleaned. This primer has been created with the approval of SAFL for Rehumanize International (a DBA of Life Matters Journal, Inc.) and our affiliate and partner organizations. If you are interested in completing the full course or starting your own chapter of Sidewalk Advocates with all of the fullfledged benefits, contact SAFL at

Click the button below to download a PDF of the primer that is easy to read and share online.

Click the button below to download a printable version of the primer. In this version, the pages are listed in "booklet" order. Print this file on regular 8.5x11" paper, front-and-back, and select "flip on short edge" — this way, you can stack all of the pages and fold them in half to make your very own booklet!

We also have a trifold pamphlet that's designed to empower abortion-minded people to choose life. It includes information about fetal development and national hotlines to help address the factors that may have brought them to the abortion facility. Click below to download this free resource in either English or Spanish.

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