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Abortion: A War on Women

Editor's note: This post discusses suicide and mental trauma.

Abortions consistently result in ending one life and ruining another. Supporters of abortion turn a blind eye to the detrimental effects it has on the women who undergo this deadly procedure. Abortion has become a war on women, and these detrimental effects shouldn’t go unnoticed any longer.

It’s not uncommon for a mother who had an abortion to be left feeling isolated, alone, or even suicidal after her child’s life is taken. A synthesis of 22 studies found that among women who have received an abortion there was an 81% increased risk of mental health problems, with almost 10% of the occurrence of mental health troubles being brought on by abortion. These facts are not regularly broadcasted in today’s society but they are extremely common in post-abortive women. For many pro-abortionists, abortions are defined as a solution, when in reality abortions leave the mother with an array of problems and risks.

Many abortion supporters don’t consider the extremely valid emotions and traumas mothers go through as they choose to have an abortion. The mental health of women isn’t recognized when pro-choicers label abortion as “empowering.” Studies and scientists don’t have to be present for people to know the immense struggle women endure after having an abortion. There are many testimonials from post-abortive women, as well as men affected by abortion, that are accessible to anyone online. While reading these stories can be very heavy and saddening, it is important to learn about the specific ways abortion has harmed our society. Hopefully as people read the real-life stories of post-abortive mothers and fathers, our society’s eyes will open to the demoralizing effects that abortion forces on the mental health of those involved.

In addition to mental health risks after abortion, the high suicide rate of women who have had an abortion is devastating. It is heartbreaking data that is difficult to ignore. According to an Elliot Institute study that covered a period of nine years, women who had undergone an abortion were faced with a higher risk of committing suicide. But these sobering facts don’t stop there. The same study also found there’s a higher risk of death from other causes, including natural causes, present in women who have had an abortion.

These heightened suicide rates and physical health risks for women who have had an abortion should not be taken lightly. Women who believe the mainstream lies of abortion being healing and painted as a right are then traumatized after they receive an abortion. These women unfortunately experience first-hand that abortion is the complete opposite of what pro-abortionists portray it as. Abortion is a war on women disguised as a liberating movement. No woman should ever feel like undergoing an abortion, which could contribute to the woman taking her own life, is her only option.

We, as a society, need to love post-abortive and abortion-minded women. Mothers who undergo abortions don’t need further isolation after it’s too late to undo their decision. These women need to be shown the support and hope they longed for before they proceeded to an abortion clinic. This war on women needs to be fought with truth and love, not more hate and fear. Cultivating a culture of death and masking abortion as empowerment has severe consequences for the women and families affected by abortion.

Be a light of truth in a struggling mother’s life today. Be a voice for the most vulnerable of lives anywhere you can. Learn the facts of post-abortion trauma and let that fuel you to be an agent for change toward a culture of life.

We can't afford to be silent or lukewarm on this issue. Too many lives are being lost and ruined to be silent anymore. This war on women is happening right in front of our eyes and we must fight for the truth to be known. How much longer will we be silent as babies lose their lives and the mothers’ lives are horribly harmed?


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