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A chilly Saturday morning in Cleveland,

standing outside a clinic next to my pastor

saying the rosary in the bitter cold

penetrating my gloves.

Others rattle their rosary beads

murmuring the various prayers,

the smell and taste of the exhaust

from downtown traffic

cuts through my half-asleep stupor.

People drive by, somewhat apathetically;

some walk up to me and get into my face,

saying that I am less of a woman for doing this,

telling me I’m being stupid and restricting women’s rights.

They are patronizing, saying that one day I’ll understand why

abortion is legal.

They say I’m protesting because I’m young

and don’t understand what their reasoning is.

Sometimes I counter their arguments

but don’t wage war over senseless murder

because words can kill, too.

The rosary beads continue to rattle,

prayers continue to be said.

My protest goes forward. But not silently.


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