The Rebels Storming Tripoli


On Tuesday, August 23rd, the rebel forces in Libya stormed Gadhafi's capital of Tripoli, thus declaring victory over the tyrannical leader who had once imposed unjust and inhumane purification laws against his own people. After 42 years in power as an autocratic dictator in Libya, Muammar Gadhafi has been removed from power by rebels within his own borders. Gadhafi is currently out of power and in hiding from NATO forces, but in an effort to kill Gadhafi and damage his chances of resuming power, NATO has (perhaps accidentally) bombed civilian neighborhoods and caused many collateral deaths in the cause.

When the Obama administration had intervened in Libya via Tomahawk missiles and no-fly zones, our nation tangled itself up in the liberation fight in which the Libyan rebels have since shown a fierce fervor and an adept skill. The fact of the matter is that our nation's intervention in Libya was not only unconstitutional but also caused the deaths of the very civilians that we were supposedly trying to save. How can we be so careless, and what good does it do to cause so much collateral damage just to take down one dictator and his regime?