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Toward the Abolition of Strategic Nuclear Weapons

A Just War Analysis of Total War

By Jason Jones, John Whitehead, and Aimee Murphy

As supporters of the inherent dignity and worth of all human beings from conception to natural death, and the intrinsic right to life of every member of our human family, we call for an end to nuclear warfare. Nuclear weapons killed 100,000–200,000 civilians at Hiroshima and Nagasaki at their first use by the United States, and they threaten all humanity today.


We demand that our executive branch of government be more accountable for our existing nuclear arsenal and sign on to the U.N. treaty for nuclear disarmament. Nuclear weapons have no place in a culture that strives to affirm the lives of all, born and preborn. And with many pro-lifers around the world who understand that nuclear weapons can never be tools of a Just War, we call on the United States and the governments of all nuclear-wielding nations to dismantle and destroy their nuclear arms!

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Participate in the Quarterly Vigil to End the Nuclear Danger

Outside the White House, Washington, D.C.


Organized by the Consistent Life Network

We regularly join together as powerful pro-life voices who work tirelessly to build a culture of life as we call on our government to make the truly pro-life policy declaration to condemn the usage of nuclear weapons, no matter who wields them. Nuclear weapons have killed hundreds of thousands of human beings, born and pre-born, and now the threat of nuclear war looms heavy over us.

As pro-lifers, our voices against nuclear arms are the most vital in this day and age. We have the power to effect massive change and hold the current administration accountable for the "fire and fury" rhetoric that threatens unapologetic violence against innocents.

Knowing that nuclear weapons can never be a tool of a Just War, we call for all nuclear powers to disarm, deconstruct, and destroy nuclear weapons. 

As pro-lifers, we embrace, support, and promise to abide by the principles of Kingian nonviolence towards each and every human being, born and pre-born.

This initiative was spurred by our September 2017 event The Pro-Life March to Abolish Nuclear Weapons. We organized the march in conjunction with a pro-life, anti-nuke petition. See our event partners listed below alongside photos from the event.

original petition & event partners


All petition & event partners must:

- sign, endorse, and publicize the petition

- abide by principles of nonviolence

- support the dignity, life, and worth of every

human being from conception to natural death;

thereby standing against both abortion and nuclear warfare.