We believe that every human being has the

right to live free from aggressive violence.

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Our worth is not based on circumstances,

but in our shared humanity

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Rehumanize International is a nonprofit human rights organization dedicated to creating a culture of peace and life, and in so doing, we seek to bring an end to all aggressive violence against humans through education, discourse, and action.

Our mission: to ensure that each and every human being's life is respected, valued, and protected.

We adhere to an ethos called the Consistent Life Ethic, which calls for an opposition to all forms of aggressive violence against human beings, including but not limited to:​

The Consistent Life Ethic serves as the philosophical foundation of our advocacy.

Additionally, we achieve our vision by maintaining our organization as non-sectarian and non-partisan, and furthermore by promoting collaboration amongst many organizations across movements.

We are an affiliate of World Beyond War and a member group of the Consistent Life Network.




Rehumanize Conference

Our annual conference is an opportunity for people of all ages to gather and engage with a wide variety of human rights topics.


Talks on the C.L.E.

Planning an event? Bring one of our informative and empowering presentations on the Consistent Life Ethic to your community!

Political Discourse

The Consistent Life Ethic is approachable from anywhere on the political spectrum. We've got tools to help you explain why that is.

Sidewalk Outreach

Whether you need tips and tricks or printable resources, our Sidewalk Sidekicks project can help you in your abortion facility sidewalk outreach.

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Our Blog

In addition to our magazine, we regularly publish articles online. Peruse our blog; you're sure to find something thought-provoking.

Justice after Roe

Our Justice After Roe Initiative is a collaboration with Americans United for Life that emphasizes restorative justice in anti-abortion policy.


Rapid Response Action

We've got the ability to quickly mobilize in response to breaking news, and we do so to speak up when others have been silenced.

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Create | Encounter

Create | Encounter is our annually-published art magazine. It promotes human dignity through submitted art and creative narratives.


Building Community

True rehumanization begins with community. Join one of our existing affiliate groups, or contact us to get started creating your own!

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White Papers

These publications aim to educate on ethics and public policy in order to to propel human-centered change in our culture and legislation.

Individual Issue Pages

Learn about our basic stances on specific topics like Abortion, Nuclear Weapons, Capital Punishment, War, and Euthanasia.


Life Matters Journal

The magazine that started it all. Life Matters Journal  is our longest running project. Published every other month, it aims to edify and inspire.



Put your money where your heart is! Whether you choose to make a one-time donation or become a patron of our work, we are incredibly grateful for your support.

We have various opportunities over the course of the year for those who may not be able to devote time for an internship but who still want to give a helping hand.

Wear your convictions on your sleeve! Check out the clothing, stickers, signs, and more that are available in our online store.