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Tree of Life

By Haley Spencer

1st Place, Visual (2D), Create | Encounter 2021

Artist Statement:

Seeds can’t form from scars.

Every fragile branch cut short-

Halts generations.

This Tree of Life piece (painted with acrylics on two 10” x 20” canvases) was created as a gift to the Marshall Pregnancy Resource Center. The imagery of the sprout demonstrates the fragility and potential of new life. Two canvases were combined to represent the two parents needed to create life and their partnership and unison needed to complete the image. The circle represents the protection of a mother’s womb, as well as the unending circle of natural life and death. The rows of “seeds” add texture to the background and symbolize the countless generations that must have aligned in perfect harmony for every new person to be created. As my grandmother says, “there is too much fate in a pregnancy.”


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