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Statement from Herb Geraghty

Thank you so much to everyone who has already reached out to express their support, solidarity, and love.

I am doing alright! Yesterday I was moved to general population which has already been much more bearable than my days in holding — where I was kept alone in a cramped cell, with 24/7 blinding lights, no stimulation, and no way to even know the time.

It is unbelievable to me that human beings are forced to be in that position for weeks, months, or years at a time.

Now that I am in gen pop, though, I am allowed to walk around most of the day in our little area, where there is a small television, a stationary bike, and a few books! I also have the ability to make phone calls and read messages sent via the e-messaging system.

They still aren't giving me the vegetarian meals that I've requested, but thus far every meal has had at least one side that was vegan — and yesterday someone gave me their apple in exchange for the mystery meat I was given. :)

Please don't worry about me.

I've quickly developed the skill of "looking on the bright side," to a potentially delusional degree, where despite the circumstances I really do feel at peace.

I've been told that the attorneys have filed an emergency appeal to try to get us out, and I'm hopeful that it will succeed.

If not, we will likely be in here until our sentencing hearing in a couple of months, where the judge will determine our fate, which could include up to 11 years in federal prison for each of us.

Thank you to everyone who has been speaking out on our behalf.

As you do that, though, please remember to center the real victims in this injustice. While we are in here, every day unborn children are being killed by the thousands in this country. As I write, just a few miles from here, Cesare Santangelo is killing children old enough to survive outside the womb, at the Washington Surgi Clinic at 2112 F St NW, Washington DC, 20037.

Horrifically, we also know from the evidence that the judge suppressed in our trial that Santangelo is likely committing illegal partial-birth abortions and, according to his own words, allowing infants born alive in his botched elective post-viability abortions to die on the table.

Whatever happens to us — they are the victims.

Data consistently shows that the majority of people who seek abortions say that they do so for reasons of economic insecurity. It is our responsibility as pro-life people to meet the needs of those in our communities who are being made to feel like abortion is their only option.

If you are outraged by our incarceration, please let this inspire you to act.

Give to organizations that are directly meeting the needs of pregnant people in your community, especially housing and healthcare. Advocate for better public support for these needs. Most urgently, while we are incarcerated, please take our place on the sidewalks outside of these clinics to offer resources, support, and hope to those walking in.

Please do not add funds to my commissary. My Fiancée Kaine, who has been an indescribable blessing to me, has been making sure I have what I need.

If you want to help, please instead give to my legal fundraiser at This will be used to support my ongoing defense in the appeals process as well as to meet my immediate needs while incarcerated.

If you want to write to me and the other rescuers, please see the instructions compiled by PAAU.

Thank you again for the outpouring of support and solidarity with us and with the babies.

For Life,

Herb Geraghty


Disclaimer: The views presented in the Rehumanize Blog do not necessarily represent the views of all members, contributors, or donors. We exist to present a forum for discussion within the Consistent Life Ethic, to promote discourse and present an opportunity for peer review and dialogue.

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