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Clothe Our Smallest Citizens

By Sara Leonard

1st Place, Visual (3D), Create | Encounter 2022

Artist Statement:

This baby doll realistically represents micro preemie babies; its length is 11 inches and weighs one and a half pounds. This is the average height and weight of a preemie baby born at 23-24 weeks gestation age, or 17 weeks early. In many places it is still legal to abort preborn children at this gestation age. Modern medical technology allows on a regular basis for babies born this early to survive and thrive. There is no excuse for the deliberate ending of their lives. They are wholly, irrevocably human and completely compatible with life.

Despite the climbing commonality of these preemies, finding clothing that fits them is near impossible. Babies this size often have to wear doll clothes or handmade clothes, as you can see in the first photo; these pajamas are the smallest preemie clothing available in our local stores. Perhaps using merely a doll we can change how society looks at these tiny babies and bring awareness and commonality to their needs, such as clothing.


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