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Choice, So Cruel And Vial

It was my body and his choice

I had a heart; then I had none

There was no crime yet I was jailed;

Mourning without a grave, alone

You were fragile and I loved you

They said it’s the right thing to do

To live our lives, you had to go

Numbed, I bled you ex-utero

I cried in vain and life grew dark

My prison cell became my ark

I forgot you with all my might

Busy, marching for “women’s rights”

I fell again and paid the price

O Choice, you are so cruel and vile

Then Love, true Love entered my life

A morning Sun thinning the ice

He tore apart my prison walls

Mending my broken heart and soul

Now I can live and I still cry;

Nothing will bring my children back

But I have faith and I have hope

That Truth will triumph over Dark

And bathe the wounded in His light


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