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We Are Stardust / Stars Up Close

way out

on that distant horizon,

city lights curve into stars and midnight’s sky drips down into city

they say you and I are made from the stuff of stars,

our lights dimmed beneath blankets of exhaust—

fears, judgments, preferences, and the like

it’s easier to let beauty be a thing that only exists from afar

but we are beautiful up close

so close

I want to know your galaxy and find your suns

these pavements, dust, blood, hate, love streets

need all the light you can give

let’s look each other in the eyes until we swoon into that beautiful orbit only

stargazing can take us to

yea, lets stare at each other’s eyes

and remember mysteries

and stars

lets cry about beauty

and the terrible mistakes we’ve been making all this time

treating each other like the pollution we’ve created

come back to this red light world

eyes open

and shine

you beautiful creature

don’t let pollution dim your radiant fervor

just love

find the way to love

the things i hate and fear

and shine and tell me

how to love like that.


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