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No Planned Parenthood in Pittsburgh City Schools! [testimony 2]

The following is a brief testimony given at the June 22, 2015, Pittsburgh School Board public hearing -- Rachel is a friend and local supporter of LMJ.

Hello, my name is Rachel Lanham, resident in Mt. Oliver, wife, and concerned mother of 3 children: 2 born and one pre-born.

A wise man once said: “One of the many problems of our times is that many are schooled, but few are educated.” Today I ask: what is the purpose of sex education? Who is responsible for relaying this information to our children? And how should that information be conveyed? We all agree that sexual health is important. But how we go about this very delicate education will make all the difference in how our children view sexuality, commitment, and family as they grow older.

After a review of the textbook Planned Parenthood often uses in middle school sex ed, It's Perfectly Normal, I only see the focus as satisfying one's physical urges. There is no regard for a holistic respect for sexuality as fully integrated into the human person.

Outraged parents from other school districts who have sex ed through Planned Parenthood protested when their students were introduced to It's Perfectly Normal, because of its graphic, explicit drawings, and references that encouraged intercourse, masturbation, sex toys and bondage.

The publishers claim this book is for children as young as 10 years old, yet I've done a brief review of the book and have found images and topics that are unsuitable for children that young. It fills children's minds with images that reflect using each other's bodies and it does not teach healthy sexuality. It prepares young minds and hearts to fulfill every urge they have - not by Love as a commitment, but through sexual promiscuity at ages younger and younger.

Carol Everett, a former owner of four Planned Parenthood abortion facilities in Texas, revealed that the material she and others in the industry distributed as “sex education” was designed to encourage abortion. She said, “We have a whole plan that sold abortions, and it was called sex education.” She said the sexual material and “educational” talks were designed to “break down their natural modesty, separate them from their parents and their values, and become the sex expert in their life, so they turned to us.”

Sexual Education ought to include parents, and thereby encourage dialogue and openness. Hiding one's normal sexual questions at such a young age only aids to break down family communication.

I ask the School Board, before making this decision, did you accept other bids? Did you share this program with parents? Did you find it to be truly educational? Does it encompass the whole person or merely reduce us to our parts?

As a parent who will be bringing children up in the Pittsburgh city school district, I ask that you repeal the vote that allows Planned Parenthood to provide sex education to our children. Please, consider a holistic approach.


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To review It's Perfectly Normal , the sex ed textbook often used in middle schools (in preview mode), please visit:


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