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Amicus Curiae

A Physician at a women's clinic in the daylight, A Hit Man by night, Tells clients other options exist But sees money and accepts it.

"A job's a job; it's not my choice to decide. Frightened? Unsure? Here you should hide. The price, we'll say, is only financial— The value of life, only circumstantial.

"Your situation is tough but there's a resolution, A magic bullet to the brain or a solvent solution. Unrestrained by the Other, your life starts anew." Rebirth—a job, a procedure, no need for the pew.

The Law says we're committing a crime, But "Justice! Equality!" according to the Times. "All done, Ms. Fantine, thanks for stopping by. If you have any more jobs for me, I'll happily oblige."


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