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Choice: Texas: A Video Game About Abortion

Abortion advocates were outraged when Texas legislators decided to advance a law restricting abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy and ensuring that clinics could not be turned into Gosnell-esque butcher shops. Calling it "Battleground Texas,” they descended onto the state in droves, led by the likes of Cecile Richards and Planned Parenthood. They managed to interrupt the democratic process by shouting down the vote. Governor Rick Perry called a special session, though, and the bill was ultimately passed.

In response to the bill’s passage, two pro-abortion women had an idea to show the world how terrible the new law would be for women. Carly Kocurek and Allyson Whipple decided to design a video game called Choice: Texas, because abortion makes for terrific entertainment, or something. The game, which Whipple and Kocurek are currently still developing, would feature different women in different scenarios who would have to navigate the restrictions in Texas in order to show just how difficult it is to get an abortion there. The restrictions that Whipple and Kocurek are so outraged over include the newly passed law, which requires that clinics be clean, safe, and well-regulated and outlaws abortion after 20 weeks. They're also upset over things such as parental consent laws, mandatory waiting periods, and ultrasounds before abortions.

Choice: Texas will allow players to act out scenarios such as being a pregnant high school student, a married mother struggling to make ends meet, or a 19-year-old bartender who lives with her parents, all of whom "need" an abortion. And, in an insane show of moral gymnastics, it's abortion that is the hero of the game. Video games usually feature heroic characters battling villains in order to save lives; this game is the exact opposite. This video game has abortionists as the heroes, gallantly saving the day by taking innocent lives. Will these women in crisis pregnancies also be given the option of resources to keep their children--or worse, put them up for adoption, the ultimate pro-abortion sin?

In reality, abortion isn't a game, and it can have disastrous and long-term consequences for women who choose it. But Choice: Texas is trivializing abortion and its consequences, through a video game glorifying a decision that involves killing a child for personal convenience.


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