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See Human Trafficking for What It Is


"All throughout our country [the United States] there are these, mostly women, held in these vulnerable situations." --Bradley Myles of Polaris Project


Robert Bilheimer, president of Worldwide Documentaries, Inc., directed, wrote and produced a documentary titled Not My Life. It's an overview of human trafficking, a worldwide devastation. The documentary features the situation in countries such as India, Cambodia, Ghana, the United States, and Romania. Human trafficking may involve child soldiers, forced labor, and sex tourism. To view a 30-minute version of the documentary created in partnership with the U.S. Fund for UNICEF's End Trafficking project, click here. And share the video. It only has a bit more than 11,000 views right now, and it deserves more.

"We really have to help people to understand 'I am responsible for this. I have a dignity. I cannot destroy my own life and the life of a human being.'" --Sr. Eugenia Bonetti, Italian Union of Major Superiors


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