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My Little One


You captured my heart from the moment I knew

My face always glowing, suspicions they grew

Your beautiful body bonded to mine

My womb is warm and I'm feeling fine

Your presence is true, timing is perfect

I'm growing outside while you grow under the surface

Swimming about, you're sewn by God's love

A crescendo of adoration for this gift from above

It struck me down, the pit in my stomach

A Season of Sorrow in our lives did it plummet

I curled up covered, my body felt tight

Puffy eyes and pain, praying you'll be all right

My eyes like a faucet through the blur I could see

The tiniest hand-- formed perfect in weeks

To touch, to taste . . . now nothing feels right

What a tumultuous twist in the timing of life

Why my thoughts take me here, I really can't ponder

Perhaps they're going where you want them to wander

Can't help but think of your millions of friends,

whose fates everyday forcefully put to an end

Please pray for Companies and Dr. Extortion,

Who claim to "help" us women -- instead they give us abortions

Please pray for the parents who struggle with pain

Help them love themselves and to get pregnant again

Dear Little One also, pray for those who have yet,

To make this decision that most will regret

The pain will be searing, the scars will run deep

Please pray I will help others, as they will help me

Is it you that are putting these thoughts in my head?

You're pushing me to move, to get up out of bed

Well I hear you -- I gotcha -- I'm moving -- Let's Go!

When I'm serving others you'll be with me, I know.


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