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Forgotten Third


A eulogy upon hearing of a friend-of-a-friend's choice to abort

I never met you, unformed face,

Never met the three of you.

Three driving in the damp drizzle across the bridges,

Across the tall-treed tundra of trepidations.

Two with great cups of suffering

Bitter cups they chose to buy,

Chose to drink, lying in accidental lies,

The laying conceived you, The Third.

Third faceless face, voiceless voice,

Uniquely ignored, delivered to deliverlessness,

And despicably denied, not accidentaly.

But I'll remember you.

The two won't remember; They'll drink more cups

Of laying lies perhaps satisfactorily.

The Third's remaining (random) record consisting of:

-1 gallon: gasoline; CO2 in West Coast air, $3.84

-1 surgery; co-pay, $369

-1 evening, to-do lists denied

-2 month, laying deferred

-1 vial, 25 30mg vicodin tablets consumed prn

This list is easily secured in

two minds' time-vaults of forgetfullness, perhaps?

But I'll remember you.


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