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#StopAbortionRX Pittsburgh Report Back

Today Rehumanize International participated in the #StopAbortionRX campaign to protest the decision of the largest pharmacies in the country to start dispensing the chemical abortion regimen. The FDA’s reckless relaxation of abortion regulations and the collaboration of profit-hungry pharmacies directly threaten public safety and human lives.

Chemical abortion works by cutting off the supply of nutrition and oxygen from the child - starving and suffocating them — and then inducing a miscarriage so that the child’s lifeless body is expelled from their parent’s uterus.

It is not only children who these pharmacies are putting in harm's way. RU-486, the abortion pill, also poses severe risks to the health of pregnant people, including hemorrhage and death. Just last week, the news broke of yet another woman, a 19-year-old in Canada, who died from these harmful pills that pro-abortion advocates refer to as “safer than Tylenol.”

Despite claims that they are pro-woman — increased accessibility of the abortion pill has also led to circumstances where abusive men were able to obtain the pill and drug their partners without their consent — leading to the death of their unborn child.

In addition, with the rise of telehealth abortions pregnant people do not even need to visit a clinic before they are prescribed these dangerous pills. That means that no ultrasound will be performed to ensure that the patient does not have an ectopic pregnancy. If you take the chemical abortion pill regimen with an ectopic pregnancy, the contents of your uterus will be flushed out, but the child will continue to grow in the fallopian tube until it ruptures — likely causing both the mother and child to die.

Abortion is not healthcare. Abortion is violence, and it has no place in our pharmacies or in our community.

Today we organized a rally in our hometown of Pittsburgh with the support of local pro-lifers to make it clear that we will not sit back and allow this harm to go unchecked. We were just one of over 100 cities and towns across the country where people are rising up for the #StopAbortionRx campaign’s national day of protest! This campaign was a partnership between PAAU, Live Action, Secular Pro-Life, Democrats for Life of America, The Pro-Life Action League, Rehumanize International, and many other national, state, and local advocates for life.

Our event, planned to just be a short and peaceful vigil and then handing out literature to our community members about this issue, was disrupted by aggressive counter-protesters before we could even begin. Some had instruments and megaphones they used to attempt to silence us — putting the siren on at full volume and placing it either in front of our megaphone to drown us out or against our ears to try to intimidate us into silence. Others brought large umbrellas to cover the signs that our activists were holding to call out CVS and share the word about #AbortionPillReversal. Several tried to intimidate our activists by screaming in our facing and aggressively bumping into us.

Despite their attempts to disrupt, our event went on and activists continued to share the truth about what abortion does to unborn children and their parents. In fact, their music and megaphones only served to amplify our total volume to ensure that management at CVS and everyone on that city block knew that Pittsburgh residents were rising up against this deadly partnership between big pharma and the abortion industrial complex.

After after about 45 minutes of rallying we pretended to pack up and leave. At this point, the counter-protestors left and our activists walked around the block to the other entrance of the same CVS where we had an opportunity to hand out literature to community members. During this time we got a few thumbs up from passersby and had an opportunity to dialogue with several people who came up and asked us why we were there. We spent time explaining to community members the science behind early human development and responding to questions they had about the abortion pill. One man we spoke to let us know that his son had recently gotten a woman pregnant under very difficult circumstances and that he doesn't believe in abortion. We were able to give him information about local Pittsburgh nonprofits that are able to provide assistance with access to free and low-cost healthcare, housing, diapers, and other infant and toddler supplies, as well as social services.

Today was just the beginning; we will continue to fight back against this partnership of big pharma and big abortion until they stop putting profits over people and all human beings are granted human rights.


To learn more about our stance on abortion visit:

If you have taken the first pill in the medication abortion regimen and regret your decision, there may still be time to save your baby. Visit immediately to be connected to a pro-life physician.


Disclaimer: The views presented in the Rehumanize Blog do not necessarily represent the views of all members, contributors, or donors. We exist to present a forum for discussion within the Consistent Life Ethic, to promote discourse and present an opportunity for peer review and dialogue.

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