Paint Night 2021

Date: Saturday, December 11
Time: 4pm-7pm ET

Join our founder Aimee Murphy for a virtual painting session on Saturday, December 11, 2021, from 4–7PM ET!

This paint night is a fun, light, and laid-back opportunity to engage in some creative leisure among like-minded friends. Feel free to "bring your own beverage" and invite friends to your place to paint alongside each other! This painting could make a great holiday gift for a loved one who is passionate about human dignity, justice, and making a difference in the world.

A note about the Hopin platform

This event will use the virtual event platform Hopin. In order to use Hopin, it is necessary that attendees have a device that allows you access to the Internet, and an email address. In order for certain functionalities and features to work properly, a camera or microphone and a headset or loudspeaker must be on and not used by another application. 

Rehumanize International staff members have found that accessing Hopin through laptop or desktop computers is more reliable than using a mobile device. Hopin allows users to test their video and audio before joining calls, so we recommend that once attendees purchase their tickets, attendees also create Hopin accounts to test their video and audio before the start of the event.


The tickets for this event are pay-what-you-want! Pick from any of the three ticket tiers below. They will all give equal access to the event. Email if you need financial aid. If you'd like to donate more than the highest tier below, make a donation at and make a note that it is for the paint night fundraiser.

Supplies You'll Need to Participate:

- Canvas 8x10 or larger (recommended)

- Acrylic paints (recommended) in the following colors:

   - white 

   - black

   - medium green

   - light or standard blue

   - red

   - medium yellow

(Recommended color example attached)

acrylic colors.jpg

-Paintbrushes in the following sizes (recommended):

   - a large wide flat brush

   - a small flat brush

   - a thin precise round brush

(Any of these brush sets pictured below would be adequate)

image (8).png

- A paint palette (a disposable plate would work for this)

- A cup to place water & wash paintbrushes in (a disposable cup would work for this)

- A pencil

(You can get supplies like this at Dollar Tree or Five Below for very cheap if you don't already own ones like this: you can get everything you need for under $10. Most of these items listed are recommendations, you could feasibly use standard paper, fewer brushes, and/or only white, black, light blue, yellow, and red paints and mix them to achieve the other colors.)

Image by Henrik Dønnestad