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Order a print copy of our 7th annual art issue of Life Matters Journal! To learn more about Create | Encounter, visit


This issue features excerpts from or entire works of art which won awards this year, including works in 2D and 3D visual media, poetry, and prose. Artists include (listed alphabetical by last name):


  • Hilary Beall

  • Ellen Campbell

  • Ellis Carlson
  • Krista Corbello
  • Cecilia M. Delaney Druffner
  • John Evans
  • Julie Gilmore
  • Joseph Leo Hickey III
  • Ayala Isenberg and Kristin Turner
  • Michael Jezewak
  • Cheryl Johnston
  • Elise Ketch
  • Sara Leonard
  • Liv & Learn
  • Kara O’Connor
  • Nick Sansone
  • Sarah Terzo
  • Molly C. Sheahan
  • Rosemarie Tischer Stith
  • Kristin Turner
  • Rachel Ventress

2023 Create | Encounter Issue of Life Matters Journal

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