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Order a print copy of our 6th annual art issue of Life Matters Journal! To learn more about Create | Encounter, visit


This issue features excerpts from or entire works of art which won awards this year, including works in 2D and 3D visual media, poetry, and prose. Artists include:


  • Michael Jezewak
  • Sara Leonard
  • Sarah Burchart
  • Kelsey Hazzard
  • Savannah Ackerman
  • Stephanie Midori Komashin
  • Nick Sansone
  • Grace Przywara
  • David Cordaro
  • John Evans
  • Mallory Nygard
  • Hilary Beall
  • Anastasia Camarca
  • Christine Chandler Prater
  • Sophie Trist
  • Citlalin Ossio
  • Cheryl Johnston
  • Sonja Morin


2022 Create | Encounter Issue of Life Matters Journal

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