This issue contains the following:

  • Letter from the Editor: Our March for Life Experience
  • Letters to the Editors -A Feminist Response to Cuomo’s Reproductive Healthcare Act
  • Rand Paul’s Filibuster
  • Abortion Legislation in North Dakota
  • Pro-Life Democrats
  • Anti-War Republicans 
  • Broadly Defined Lethal Powers
  • Illusion of Purity: Deconstructing the Political Spectrum
  • An Interview with “Nips” Matheson of Bikers Against Child Abuse
  • Conceived in Rape: My Story by Rebecca Kiessling
  • What The Hunger Games Teaches Us About Violence
  • The Value of Mercy: Justice & Doctor Who
  • End of Summer - part 1
  • What Feeds Rape Culture?

Life Matters Journal - Volume 2 Issue 3

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