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Poetry: January Maybe

By Christina Yao


A sea of red baseball caps,

With white letters,

Words about,

Making the country better?

A forest of pink,

Two horns on top,

A feline image,

It will make oppression stop?

Not much crossover,

Though there is some,

Both groups swear they are right,

The other’s just dumb.

Both want freedom,

What what does freedom mean?

The freedom to oppress,

Or just be obscene?

Both want justice,

But what is justice about?

Is it given by divine right,

Is it the right to shout?

And what divides us?

Our ideas are the same,

We all want to live in a world,

Full of love,

Free from shame.

Maybe it’s not about,

An elephant or a donkey,

Maybe it’s about,

The fight for equality.

Maybe there’s a middle way,

It’s not women or babies,

Maybe we can love both,

Maybe, just maybe.


This article originally appeared in Volume 7 Issue 1 of Life Matters Journal.

Click here to read the magazine for free online. Visit to purchase an annual hard-copy subscription.


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