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Recent Media Focus on Rape Prevention


How do we eliminate rape? Several articles published today were about various ideas of methods on how to lower the numbers of rapes.


An article from The Daily Beast, "From the Anti-Rape Bra to Chastity Belts: How Women Use Clothing for Protection," describes a plethora of devices that may discourage rapists. They include an anti-rape bra that will deliver 82 shocks, a vending machine disguise, pepper spray disguised as lipstick, pink cellphones that double as stun guns, and even knife-wielding necklaces. Mumbai officials, according to an International Business Times article, are considering banning retailers from using mannequins to display lingerie. The military is still working on the issue of rape and assault, considering five ways through directives from Congress, according to a ProPublica article.

Regardless of whether these measures are actually effective, it's encouraging that fashion designers, engineers, and public officials are working toward eliminating rape. After all, as quoted in a Chicago Tribune editorial, "Rape victims speaks up": "Rape is an American shame. Our society needs to see that and attend to it, not hide it or hush it up. As long as rape is deemed unspeakable -- and is therefore not fully and honestly spoken of -- the public outrage will be muted as well.” (Des Moines Register Editor Geneva Overholser, 1989)

If you have been assaulted or raped, please don't be afraid to get help. One online resource is RAINN's National Sexual Assault Hotline.


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