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Common questions, common sense answers.


Why do you take on so many issues?

To fully value the human person is to respect and protect their individual rights at all times, in all places, under every circumstance. This means that we do not look at human beings as solely members of groups, but individuals whose lives are valuable at all stages. We do not value only the preborn or the criminal on death row, but both and more because the preborn is capable of becoming criminal, and the criminal was once preborn. If we do not value their life at each and every stage and in each and every circumstance, we play exclusivist games and do not really value the fulness of human life: we love the idea of human rights, not the human beings behind those rights.


Don't you think you should leave out
(X issue)?

Some people try to say "abortion is a woman's right - her body, her choice", or "war is the prerogative of the government." But we know, through the marvels of modern science, that each human being's life begins at conception, and that the people caught behind enemy lines are human too. To deny them their right to live discriminates against fellow members of the human family. While some issues may be more grave due to the quantity of lives lost, or the cultural approval of said violence, none can merely be "thrown out." Any act of aggressive violence against a human being is an affront to their dignity.


What is the Consistent Life Ethic, exactly?

It's a philosophy that is actually still being fleshed out, as Catholic Cardinal Joseph Berardin promulgated a "Seamless Garment" ethic of life that had been suggested by members of his faithful as a logical ethic of life for Catholics. They supported a holistic view of the pro-life efforts and human rights struggles. The CLE is an ethic that places the worth of each and every human being's life as the foundational basis for moral action. To us, this primarily means working to abolish all acts of violence and killing as they are irreversible violations of the primary and foundational right to life. Interested? Have a conversation with us and help us to share a pro-life, pro-peace message.


I'm a Atheist/Buddhist/Catholic/etc., can I subscribe to the Consistent Life Ethic? 

Anyone, of any faith at all can subscribe to the Consistent Life Ethic: despite the fact that it was "formulated" in Catholic circles, people of many faiths or no faith at all have embraced this humanistic personalist ethic. For some people, it means Pacifism, for others, a more Non-Aggression Principle, for others, it's Feminism. We welcome people from all walks, believing that true love of humanity entails a hospitality towards every individual, and knowing that each person has something valuable to add to our discourse.


What do you do to walk the walk?

We at Rehumanize International are an amalgam of young people from all different backgrounds. Some of us started in pro-life work, others in anti-war activism, still others focused more intently on helping the homeless. Since we are a remote organization, we do our best to support other efforts and share the stories of fruitful work for peace and all life. In addition, we have a section of our magazine dedicated to the "Make it History!" Campaign: sharing stories of student work; and we hope to soon begin our "Make it History!" Award to help student groups who are making a difference in their communities go the extra mile.

Though as an organization we are focused heavily on education and discourse, we do work to provide outreach in our community and speak the truth of human dignity in powerful ways to change hearts and minds. To learn more about our projects, click here!

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