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    Krista Corbello

    Board President

    Based in Los Angeles, CA

    Cost to host: Travel fees + $200 honorarium, negotiable

    Available for online speaking engagements as well

    Click the PDF below for payment information:


    Krista is a speaker, activist, and artist who loves the created person, human flourishing, and "beautility" (or effective beauty). She is the founder of Even This Way, the Executive Board President of Rehumanize, and the former Youth Programs Co-Director at Louisiana Right to Life. She has spoken to more than 30,000 people nationally on the following topics: 

    • Even This Way is a testimonial talk including my family's generational post-abortion pain as well as familial reconciliation, life-affirming choices, and the mission I have to reach every formerly abortion-vulnerable child and post-abortive sibling. 

    • Compassionate Communication is a talk about dehumanizing vs. life-affirming language and practical conversation tips in the consistent life ethic using modern psychology and communication theory. 

    • Peace & Justice Through Advocacy compares the issues of abortion, the Holocaust, and the death penalty based on mass historical injustice through the modern-day and cultural oppression and the need for activist resilience. 

    • Human Rights Organizing 101 is a talk to inspire and activate the leader of leaders with advice to individual flourishing, practical leadership skills, and successful program development including events for education, fundraising, and training. 

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    Aimee Murphy


    Based in Pittsburgh, PA

    Cost to host: Travel fees + $450 honorarium, negotiable

    Available for online speaking engagements as well

    Click the PDF below for payment information:



    Aimee not only is well-versed in the CLE, she has a pro-choice to pro-life conversion story that has touched hearts and upended misconceptions. Her speaking engagements have included:

    • “Try Nonviolence: Inclusion in the Fight for Human Rights” for Students for Life at University of Georgia, October 2014; and Students for Life at University of Alabama, February 2015.

    • “Human Rights for All Human Beings: Inclusion in the Fight for Human Rights” for the Pittsburgh Oratory of St. Philip Neri & Ryan Catholic Newman Center, January 2015.

    • "Pro-Life Feminism & Fighting the Patriarchy of Abortion Ideology" short remarks in front of the Supreme Court at the Protect Women, Protect Life rally organized by SFLA on the occasion of the hearing of Whole Women's Health v. Hellerstedt, March 2016.

    • "Embracing the 'F' Word: Learning to Love Pro-Life Feminism" at the SFLA Philadelphia Leadership Summit, March 2016.

    • “Reaching Youth with the Consistent Life Ethic” with Herb Geraghty and Paige Kubenka, for the Consistent Life Network 30th Anniversary Conference, Eastern University, Wayne, PA, August 2017

    • Emcee and speaker at “Pro-Life March to Abolish Nuclear Weapons”, Washington, DC, September 2017

    • “Human Dignity Demonstrated: Enabling the Choice for Life” panelist for Pro-Life Future NYC/Human Life Review: Expect, Fordham University, New York, NY, September 2017

    • “The Commoditization of Children: Addressing How Our Society Treats Children as Property” breakout session at Life/Peace/Justice Conference 2017, Pittsburgh, PA, October 2017

    • “Sonder: Building Universal Human Rights Through Empathy” for Our Lady of Good Counsel High School Pro-Life Conference, December 2017

    • “Radical Inclusivity: Every Human Standing for Every Human” with Herb Geraghty, for the Cardinal O’Connor Conference, Washington, DC, January 2018

    • and many, many more...

  • herb-2021-headshot.jpg

    Herb Geraghty

    Executive Director

    Based in Pittsburgh, PA

    Cost to host: Travel fees + $200 honorarium, negotiable

    Available for online speaking engagements as well

    Click the PDF below for payment information:



    Herb Geraghty is a passionate and engaging advocate for the Consistent Life Ethic with an academic background in rhetoric and politics. Herb’s unique position as a young politically independent pro-life atheist has broken down barriers to reach demographics too often untapped by the mainstream pro-life movement; similarly, Herb’s common ground on abortion with many folks on the right has allowed for productive outreach on the issues of war, torture, and the death penalty, Herb has a passion for building bridges and finding common ground with people across the political spectrum to call everyone to a greater consistency in the fight for human rights. Herb thrives when engaging with opposing arguments and welcomes any opportunity to participate in debates or panels. ​Past speaking engagements have included:

    • “Abortion & Atheism: The Secular Case for the Pro-Life Cause”: a talk that provides listeners, religious or not, the tools necessary to present the anti-abortion case to an increasingly secular culture through science, logic, and reason.

    • “Bad Words: How Our Words Dehumanize & How We Can Rehumanize”: a presentation that explores the ways in which rhetoric has been used to dehumanize and marginalize vulnerable populations historically and today.

    • "Human Rights for Every Human Being: An Introduction to the Consistent Life Ethic": a talk for all audiences that discusses the history and philosophy of the current movement create a genuine culture of peace and life. 

    • Additionally, Herb can give more general presentations on any of the issues within the Consistent Life Ethic or work with your group to develop a talk that fits your needs. 

  • beth-fox.jpg

    Beth Fox

    board treasurer

    Based in Lynchburg, VA

    Cost to host: Travel fees + $200 honorarium, negotiable

    Available for online speaking engagements as well

    Click the PDF below for payment information:


    Tiny in stature, big in ambition, Beth Fox’s life is a story worth sharing. Before she even had a name, Beth became a prime target for abortion. Her mother’s pregnancy was risky and doctors advised an abortion to preserve her life. Beth’s poor fetal prognosis led doctors to conclude her quality of life would be so poor that having an abortion would be the “merciful” choice. Though living a life with chronic illness and disability is a battle, Beth is here to share why life is worth living and fighting for. Today, Beth cannot see, walk, or breath on her own; it is through these physical struggles, past doubts of self-value, and the diagnosis of a rare, life-limiting disorder that Beth has developed an active voice aimed to making positive changes. Despite her challenges, Beth lives independently in central Virginia, where she pursues her second Master’s degree and aspires to become a professor and lovingly foster terminally ill children. She is an eloquent public speaker who is well-equipped to give the following presentations:

    • Ableism in Medicine: a testimony about how discrimination in the medical field prevents access to quality care for many with disabilities

    • Non-violent Healthcare Options: a talk about offering life instead of death to those with terminal conditions, including an overview of perinatal hospice and palliative care

    • Discrimination in the Pro-life Movement: a presentation that explores the ethical dilemma of pro-life "exceptions"; e.g., abortion in the case of rape or fetal anomaly, or euthanasia and assisted suicide for those with with disability

    • Additionally, Beth can give more general presentations on abortion, embryonic stem cell research, euthanasia and assisted suicide, and disability discrimination

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