Covering our mouths for public safety doesn’t mean we have to stay silent!

Let’s face it: face masks are the hottest and most beneficial trend right now. If you want to help keep Rehumanize afloat during these uncertain times AND get one of our cute new pro-human face masks, just donate $25+ through PayPal:

These are handmade and sweatshop-free. Make sure to include your shipping information and top 3 patch choices in the donation notes if you have a preference.

😷 Let’s spread the CLE while slowing the spread of COVID-19 😷

A note: due to printing delays caused by COVID, masks may take up to four weeks to be hand made and shipped. We apologize for any inconvenience!


Available patch designs

  • Everybody deserves to live free from violence

  • Rehumanize

  • Pro-life feminist symbol

  • Racism has no place in a culture of life

  • Children are not property

  • Natural death to all humans

  • Stop torture

  • Pro-human, anti-racist

  • Large clump of cells

  • No lethal injections for the ill, the accused, or the unborn

  • Suicide prevention not suicide assistance

  • Human rights for all (dove-shaped patch)

  • Wage peace

  • Make abortion illegal

  • Close Guantanamo

  • Don’t kill humans thx

  • Irreplaceable

  • Nuclear disarmament now

  • Pro-science, anti-violence

  • Pro-life feminist

  • Respect existence or expect resistance

  • Nix nukes

  • We are all clumps of cells

  • Restorative justice now

  • Conceived this way (four design options include the LGBTQ+ rainbow pride flag, the bi pride flag, the trans pride flag, and the nonbinary pride flag)

  • The death penalty is fatally flawed

  • Black lives matter

  • Atheist against abortion

  • Ningún ser humano es ilegal; todos somos humanos, desde la concepción hasta la muerte natural

  • Ditch the death penalty

  • You may not do evil that good may come of it

  • End ableism, end abortion

  • End police brutality

  • End the war

  • Police shouldn’t play judge, jury, and executioner

  • Pro-peace, pro-life

  • Legal assisted suicide is lethal ableism

  • Your ability doesn’t define your worth

  • No human is illegal; we are all human beings from conception to natural death

  • Pro-nonviolent-choice

  • End ableism, end euthanasia

patch messages