rehumanize conference

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The Rehumanize Conference is an event dedicated to education, discourse, activism, and volunteerism related to a broad range of issues of human rights and dignity. This weekend promises to challenge your apathy, increase your knowledge, expand your horizons, and dare you to think outside the box.

Join us — and change the world!


3 jam-packed days.

30 engaging sessions.

1 unrivaled conference.

The Rehumanize Conference is an unforgettable weekend with some of the best people you will ever meet, discussing the most urgent issues of our day. The presentations cover ethics, history, practice and public policy on a whole breadth and depth of life issues: abortion, nuclear weapons, the justice system, human trafficking, the refugee crisis and more. We educate and equip grassroots activists to engage the culture for life, for peace, and for justice!

Join us!