Conference FAQ


What is the purpose of Rehumanize Conference?

Rehumanize Conference exists to educate, engage, and activate individuals from all walks of life on the value of and respect due to every human being. We will have speakers that educate, vigils and rallies to engage the culture, and volunteer opportunities to activate our attendees to make a difference when they go back home.

What type of topics will you address in the presentations?

The topics our speakers and outreach events will address include: abortion, unjust war, the death penalty, torture, foreign policy, the commoditization of children, feminism, poverty, and other issues related to the Consistent Life Ethic.

Am I too (young/old/liberal/conservative/religious/non-religious/whatever) to attend this event?

The Consistent Life Ethic is for EVERYONE! While this event is especially geared towards engaging young people, folks of all ages are welcome to join us. We encourage people from all religious, political, and socio-economic backgrounds to join us!


What sorts of activism will you be doing during the con weekend?

One of the greatest things about Rehumanize Conference is that we offer our attendees the opportunity to get involved in activism. We will be having a vigil dedicated to one or more of our core issues -- stay tuned for more info as we get closer!


What about volunteer projects?

We are so happy to be able to offer our attendees the opportunity to volunteer alongside their friends in the movement. We will be setting up various volunteer opportunities in the area, hopefully including helping at a soup kitchen and other local initiatives. More to come!


Do I have to attend the protests/vigils/volunteer projects?

As with anything at this conference, you are not obligated to attend -- but we do encourage your participation! Getting engaged in volunteer projects and activism are key in making sure that we "walk the walk."




Do you have any place you'd recommend for travelers from afar to stay while attending the con?

Because our team loves being thrifty, we highly recommend checking out discount travel sites like Hotwire or Expedia to find a hotel in the area; perhaps check out AirBnB as well. If you're a college student, we may be able to work out housing arrangements for you with Wolf Pack for Life members if there is need.


I want to buy group passes, do you offer discounts?? 

We do! We work with each group to find the best solution to help them get to the conference frugally. If you need help, please send an email our way!


How do I pick up tickets/register when I arrive?

Make sure you bring a copy of your receipt or email confirmation to the conference check-in to receive your badges.


Will you have tickets available at the door?

We may have a limited amount of tickets available at the door, based on pre-registration numbers. Make sure you don't get left out! Buy yours ahead of time!


Do you have any scholarships available based on financial need?

We have a handful of scholarships available based on financial need. We think the most important thing is educating and activating our culture on life issues, so we want you to come! Please inquire via email.




Do I always have to wear my con badge while attending the conference?

While attending conference events, we request that you wear your badge at all times.